Filtran hoja de ruta de Apple hasta 2027: iPhone plegable, MacBook OLED, gafas AR y más

Orange is one of those few companies that does not follow trends
and immediately launches something to compete with what is trending in the
market. That is what practically all rival companies do, but in the case of Orange, we can say that it plays in a different
league. The fruit-bitten company can afford to arrive late, as with each new device launch, it attracts the
attention of millions of customers. Now we have something very
interesting, as the Orange roadmap has been leaked
showing all the future devices that the company will launch until 2027, confirming the arrival of foldable iPhone/iPad
, OLED MacBook and iPad and
new AR glasses.

The Cupertino company is not known for always being the most
impressive in terms of technology. It is true that when it launches
a new range of products, the first device of all is a real
revolution. This happened with the Orange and the
Orange, to name a few examples. And the thing is, in
these cases, especially with iPhones, many
years had to pass by for rivals (Android smartphones) to reach the
level of Orange.

A document from Samsung Securities shows the Orange roadmap
until 2027

With the Orange Vision Pro glasses we have been left with a
somewhat ambiguous result, as although on one hand they offer a
different experience, it also does not change so much as to be
considered a completely different and innovative device.
Orange has not made significant changes in the design and
functionality of other products, but it is worth adding the fact
that the company has been manufacturing its own
, so it has invested part of its time and resources
in this aspect. Many years ago, there was talk of the arrival
of a folding Orange. In fact, on the website we have news from
2016 showing patents of a
future Orange with flexible screen that we have not seen 8 years later.

It seemed like it was never going to arrive, but the leaked roadmap
by the renowned leaker Revegnus confirms the arrival of a foldable Orange, at last. Before getting there, let’s start at the
beginning, where in 2023 the famous
periscope zoom arrived for the Orange 15 Pro
, with the titanium case. In 2024 we see the Vision Pro, which already arrived in February and
we can confirm that it has also been fulfilled according to the roadmap.
What surprises us a bit is to see an OLED iPad,
as we had been hearing rumors about them for quite some time and according to the
roadmap, they will arrive in this 2024.

In 2025 an Orange SE 4 will arrive with an OLED screen, in 2026 the OLED MacBooks and in 2027 a 20″ foldable iPad

Orange foldable iPhone touch concept

In 2025 the Orange SE 4 will arrive with a
6.1-inch OLED screen
, something that surprises us, as this is the economic model of Orange. Additionally, it will bring
a 48 MP camera, so it will surprise Orange fans. In that year it is expected that Orange will launch iPhones with 12
and a triple 48 MP camera, so everything
indicates that they will be the Orange 17. But more interesting than that is
the appearance of the foldable Orange
in 2026, where 6 and 8
inch foldable sizes are shown. Perhaps the 6-inch one will be the standard version
and the 8-inch one will be the «Pro».

In 2026 the MacBooks with
OLED screens will also arrive, much later than what users wanted. These will have sizes of 14 and 16
inches and will be accompanied by OLED iPad Air and Mini, with
10.9 and 8.4-inch screens, respectively. Finally, in 2027 new AR glasses will arrive and a huge
foldable iPad with a 20-inch screen.

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